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    3. Quick Specs:
      Construction / Education / Engineering / Professional Services
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      Growth-Driven Design

      Global fire protection and life safety engineering and consulting firm Jensen Hughes was looking to the “big picture” when it came to website improvements and they wanted to refresh their existing website with a new, modern, conversion-focused approach.

      After our initial discussion, it was clear that it was time for a complete website refresh. They presented—and we embraced—a “60-day challenge” to design and develop:

      1. A modern homepage; and
      2. A sitewide navigation refresh.

      This laid the groundwork for the broader website redesign and functionality enhancements to follow.

      After the initial design refresh, we have turned our focus to strategic improvements and prioritization of the website development task list. In this, we’ve worked closely with Jensen Hughes’ marketing team to create a list of improvements focused on their marketing goals to best generate a return on their investment.

      To reach these goals, we’ve applied a “Growth-Driven Design” approach. We’re constantly learning about Jensen Hughes’ visitors to make continuous improvements that boost visitor engagement and sales.

      With this approach, we immediately enhanced the existing website’s initial impression on its visitors, while continuing to build the new website over time, based on data-driven decisions and strategy.

      It is such a breath of fresh air to experience the responsiveness and accuracy of your team. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      You guys are a dream team.

      Agreed, you guys rock!

      —Members of the Jensen Hughes Marketing Team